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MHS Boys Hockey Team Rosters

Marshfield Hockey 2016-17 Rosters:

To all players, thank you for your effort and cooperation during the tryouts for the 2016-17 season. Below are the team rosters:

Varsity Roster:

(All players listed below are to attend practice on Monday Dec. 5th at 3:40PM at Pembroke)

Andrew Fithian, Matt Smith, Dan Tobin, Jacob Hurley, Patrick Sullivan, Seamus Carroll, Kevin Perry Gore, Danny Defreitas, Justin Smith, Nick Young, Brendan Haddigan, Owen Degust, Jack Murphy, Eddie Everett, Chris Sullivan, Brendan Bertone, Nevan Costello, Aidan Connolly, Nick Hurley, Paul Rorke, Kevin Buckley, Colin Burns, Jack Gatie, Kevin Moriarty, Max Burum, Jonathan Jordan

JV WHITE ( Next Event: Tuesday- Parent Player Meeting)

Ryan Carberry, Joey Norton, Andrew Pozerski, John Decoste, Noah Jackson, Stephen Smith, Frederick Conway, Sean Kennedy, Jason Reardon, Matt McGrath, Brendan Finneran, Ryan Fithian, Bryce McDonough, Tim Doyle, Shane Brait, Matt Mullaney, Griffin Mudge, Charlie Kolar

JV GREEN (Next Event: Tuesday- Parent Player Meeting)

Cam Lindquist, Duncan Latta, Brendan Fullam, Daniel Moss, Luke Mayo, Brendan DiRamio, Ryan Curley, John Killion, Ian O’Malley, Ned Merrick, Kevin Stockless, James Creedon, Owen Boyd, Mike O’Toole, Gus Kastrud, Thomas Daley, Jake Blinn, James Joseph, Matt Hines, Matt Winter, Griffen Fitzgerald, Sean McIntyre, TJ Boyd, Michael Fullam, Jordan Newell, Patrick Lillis, Sean Brazel, Sean Tobin, Jason Osis, Brody Tilden


Schedule for the Week:

Monday: Varsity Practice- 3:40PM @ Pembroke

Tuesday: Varsity Practice- 3:20PM @ Pembroke

***Mandatory Player/Parent Meeting for all members of the program on Tuesday night at 6:30PM in the MHS Café.  All players please wear a shirt and tie. ***

Wednesday: Team Photos and Individual Photos for all Players in the program, 3PM @ Plymouth Rink

The schedules for all teams are on the team website: .  Please visit the website and print a full schedule for the team you are listed on.

Injured players not listed on a roster will be added after return from injury and evaluated.  Please refrain from contacting a coach with any questions for 24 hours.  Any questions will be answered for the player after the Varsity practice ends on Monday after 5PM.









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